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WebMD has a nice slide show on migraines, take a look,


The Tea Kettle: Oriental Medicine uses the tea kettle to explain the symptoms and some explanation of the probable causes of migraines.

Migraine pain is the result of a sudden disturbance in the relationship between yin and yang. One example is that most migraine sufferers are women and usually the hormone shifts of pre-menses or ovulation triggers the pain. The hormones and blood are considered “Yin” and the movement in the meridians is considered “Yang”. When the blood and hormones shift suddenly, the yang energy is not held in synchronicity to the yin. This causes the Yang energy to rise to the top of the head quickly. As the energy rises it can cause nausea and vomiting. Nausea, burping, yawning and vomiting are natural protective mechanisms that the body uses to release the upsurge in the energy to the head. Like the kettle, when water is boiling the steam must be released to keep from blowing off the lid. Other examples of triggers would be the sudden change in barometric pressure, changes in sugars or toxins or any sudden chemistry changes in the body.

Migraines and cluster type headaches are often managed well with acupuncture and herbal remedies. There is an emphasis in supporting the Yin of the body fluids to hold the Yang, or to subdue overactive Yang. It may take several months to get the pain managed but usually from only a few sessions; patients feel the pain to be less intense and/or shorter in duration.