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Our Services are described below:

$85 for a Single Acupuncture Treatment: (Deanna Kayyali also includes Reiki, adjunct therapies and herbal recommendations when appropriate, herbs sold separately, approximately 1 hour).  

$65 for a Student Acupuncture Treatment:(includes the same services as above)

$375 for a Package of 5 Acupuncture Visits: ($75.00 ea.) Includes the same services as a single treatment

$650 for a Package of 10 Acupuncture Visits: ($65.00 ea) Includes the same services as a single treatment.

$120 for a Single Power Session: Jenni (Prince) Morgan joins in the one hour acupuncture session with Deanna Kayyali. Jenni brings her gifts of medical intuitive, spiritual guidance and Reiki healing to the experience. To learn more about the work they do together, go to their website at the

$550 for a Package of 5 Power Sessions: ($110.00 ea)

$1000 for a Package of 10 Power Sessions: ($100.00 ea)

Chinese Herbs: Prices vary on the herbal remedies, teas and topical applications. Average Cost For a 2 Weeks Supply $10 – $40

Travel to Location for Acupuncture: Area of travel is limited to a 10 mile radius of office.  This service is offered to those unable to travel to the office.  Prior arrangements must be accepted.
$140.00 plus a $30.00 trip charge